The Hellenic Organization of Intelligent Transportation Systems – ITS Hellas (Intelligent Transportation Systems in Greece) held its 7th annual Conference on “Intelligent Transportation Systems and Developments in Greece” at the 7th ITS Hellas Conference on “Transportation & Logistics 4.0: Exploring Innovation” took place on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 December 2021, in Athens (Royal Olympic Hotel), Greece.

The conference was co-organized with ITS Hellas, the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of NTUA, which is among the 36 members of ITS Hellas. After six successful events, this year the effort continued to highlight the prospects and benefits of the widespread adoption and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the supply chain and transport sector and the strengthening of open dialogue on the needs of these vital sectors.

Important experts and professionals in the field, representatives of the authorities, but also of the academic and research community from Greece and abroad, supported with their presentations the nine main thematic sections of the Conference:

  • International and European Trends in Transport and Logistics
  • Transport 4.0: Strategies and Challenges in Greece
  • Towards a sustainable Urban Mobility: The road to the Greek “Smart City”
  • Intelligent Systems and new technologies in the Supply Chain and Freight Transport
  • Building the Greek Transport Innovation System
  • Mobility as a Service: Infrastructure and Framework
  • Green Technologies in Transport and Logistics
  • Electricity in Greece: Technological Aspects
  • Data technologies on the basis of Transport transformation

Yorgos Stephanedes, Professor emeritus at University of Patras, and Panagiota Saranti, PhD candidate and researcher at the Department of civil Engineering of the University of Patras, participated in the conference as representatives of the University of Patras with the presentation “Interregional ICT logistics platform for SMEs in food and tourism”.

Specifically, the digital platform developed in the framework of the FRESH WAYS research project was presented in order to strengthen the supply chain, but also to facilitate the creation of new opportunities for SMEs between Greece and Italy. The services of the platform will support the identification of supply and demand and the matching and booking of product transfers between the two countries. The equipment and the way that will be used in the pilot application of the platform were also presented and the opportunities that will be created by its integration in the interregional trade were presented.

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