Are you a Producer/Buyer of fresh foods?

Discover how the FRESH WAYS ICT Platform can help you in exchange fresh food from Puglia (Italy) to Greece and Greece to Puglia!

To use the platform select one of the two different methods that were developed.

FRESH WAYS method A – Logistic Matching

If you are a Buyer, use this modality to check if the Producers registered on the platform can satisfy your needs for fresh food. If you are a Producer, use this modality to showcase your fresh food products to potential Buyers on the platform.

This modality will also support you in choosing the transport option to send fresh food and to track their shipping.

Keywords: fresh food, shipping, comparison, traceability


FRESH WAYS method B – Demand and Supply

The services of the platform will support the identification of demand and supply and the booking of the transport. These services will be accomplished in four steps.

Keywords: transporter, match, book