The on-line Thematic Workshop and Open Dissemination Event was organized with great success by Preveza Chamber on Wednesday afternoon on the 7th of July 2021, in the framework of cross-border project titled: “FRESH WAYS – Cross-border Mechanism for Greek Intermodal and Multimodal Transport of Fresh Products”, funded by the Territory Programme «Interreg V/A Greece-Italy 2014-20», as Preveza Chamber is member of the project partnership.

The main objectives of FRESH WAYS project are:

  • the design of Intermodal and Multimodal transport systems unifying road and air transport in the joint cross-border area of Greece – Italy.
  • the cross – border linking of fresh foods supply and demand in the joint cross-border area of Greece – Italy
  • the development and operation of a vertical supply chain through the establishment of an air freight network.

At the beginning Mr Ioannis Bouris, President of Preveza Chamber, introduced the main scope of the workshop. Then, Dr Yorgos Stephanedes, Professor Εmeritus of University of Patras – Department of Civil Engineering, and his colleague Ms. Panagiota Saranti presented the background of the project, the main components of the FRESH WAYS ICT platform and the provided services as well as the main opportunities and expected benefits for Preveza and the surrounding area.

Afterwards, the open dissemination event followed, aiming at the presentation of the main results of FRESH WAYS project with the participation among others of Mr Nikolaos Zacharias, the Mayor of Parga, Mr Nikolaos Petropoulos, President of European Regional Framework for Co-operation, representatives of Ioannina University, and local producers of fresh foods.

The event started with the introduction speech of Mr Ioannis Bouris, President of Preveza Chamber, mentioning the great interest of the Chamber in the successful realisation of FRESH WAYS project, as a pilot project for the further development of Intermodal and Multimodal Transport in the broader area of Preveza through the proposed creation of an export agrologistics center.

Afterwards, Ms Eirini Sylleli from EURICON Ltd Consultants presented in more detail the FRESH WAYS project. Then, Mr Athanasios Giannopoulos from TREDIT SA Transport Consultants presented the current situation and the opportunities of the cross-border area in the field of Intermodal and Multimodal Transport.  Moreover, Ms Panagiota Saranti from University of Patras – Department of Civil Engineering presented the developed Intermodal and Multimodal Transport Model of Fresh Products in the cross-border area and the accompanied ICT platform.

Finally, the event closed with a round of discussion among the participants highlighting the multiple benefits that will result for the local economy from the implementation of the FRESH WAYS project.