On the 30th of June 2020, the University of Salento (PB3) organized a public Technical Meeting under the FRESH WAYS project.

Because of the restrictions to movement resulting from the coronavirus, the whole event was held online through a streaming platform.

The Technical Meeting first presented the project main contents and the Beneficiaries (in particular, their roles and contributions). Afterwards, it focused on the FRESH WAYS ICT platform components designed and developed by the University of Salento. During the final section of the meeting, the project Beneficiaries shared their points of view on the technological platform, and they answered questions that arose through the chat.

The online event was followed by several participants such as researchers, agri-food businesses and their associations, and the Beneficiaries’ representatives, who interacted with the Speakers, showing their interest in the topic under discussion and highlighting the success of the event.

Click here to watch the whole online event: Live stream Fresh ways