The training seminar in the framework of the project FRESH WAYS entitled “Contemporary forms of international trade in fresh agricultural products” took place in Preveza in October 2019. The training seminar was held for six days:

  • Thursday 03.10.2019
  • Friday 04.10.2019
  • Monday 07.10.2019
  • Tuesday 08.10.2019
  • Wednesday 09.10.2019
  • Thursday 10.10.2019

The duration of the event was approximately five hours, starting at 17.00 & lasting until 22.00 daily. The overall duration of the training seminar was 30 hours.

The training seminar in Greece was organized by the Chamber of Preveza with the collaboration of the University of Patras. The event was organised in Preveza, Greece. Supporting the event the facilities of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) of the Greek General Confederation of Labour’s Institute of Labour (INE-GSEE) in Preveza were used (KEK INE ΓΣΕΕ).

The participants had the chance to learn more about the project and extend their knowledge regarding contemporary forms of international trade in fresh agricultural products.